NNGS Development Page

 o The NNGS Source Code Project

This project is an effort to improve the functionality, maintainability and portability of the NNGS server.
The SourceForge NNGS Project Page contains the latest releases, CVS code, forums and mailing lists.

Basic Objectives:

The server consists of two parts:

The original NNSG server source code page is located at http://nngs.cosmic.org/src.
The original mlrate source code can be found at http://www.pem.nu/mlrate/.
The current development is slowly moving forward, and new versions will be released periodically.

Current Status:

For information on how to build and run the server, please see the README file in the distribution. A list of items currently planned or being worked on is in the TODO file in the soure tarball.

The server has been compiled and run successfully on the following platforms:

If you know of any other systems that the server compiles and runs on, please send me an email. If you would like to port the server to other platforms, please feel free to do so, and submit patches or a list of required changes to the mailing list.

All comments (bug reports, patches, suggestions, etc.) should be sent to the SourceForge NNGS mailing list.
To contact the administrators of the NNGS site send mail to the WGC List.

 o Clients

GPL'ed clients that are available and should work with NNGS include:

If you know of any GPL'ed clients that work with NNGS, please send me a mail.

Pages listing other Go programs (clients, playing programs, SGF viewers etc.) are available at the homepage of the British Go Association.

 o Comments/Feedback

Please send comments on this page to lohner at users.sourceforge.net

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